10 Things You Won’t Miss You Can Sell for Quick & Easy Cash

If you need to raise some additional funds in a hurry, there are ways to do it. You will be amazed at how much unrealized value you may have just lying around your house, just waiting to be turned into cash.

Generating Cash in a Hurry

Sometimes you need a little extra cash, and you need it right now. Maybe an unexpected medical bill has come up, or your car has a problem that will cost hundreds of dollars to fix. If you don’t have enough savings to cover it, you need to find another way to raise the cash. And if there isn’t enough time to earn it, selling some items may be the best solution.

While this sounds like a drastic solution, you may actually find that there are positives to getting rid of the clutter filling up your home. As well as generating useful cash, you may also free up some space, make your home look more spacious – and even get rid of safety and fire hazards.

Nowadays, there are more ways than ever to turn unwanted items into hard cash. You don’t have to rely on a good old-fashioned garage sale. Thanks to websites like eBay, Craigslist and Gumtree, you can find buyers for all kinds of things. In fact, items that are junk to you may be very valuable to a collector somewhere. An item that might earn you a dollar in a yard sale could sell for hundreds of dollars in an eBay auction.

Best of all, you will probably find that you will never miss these items. Your life will actually be better without them. So here are 10 things you won’t miss that you can sell fast to get instant cash.

Things Your Kids Have Outgrown

Kids are wonderful, but they have a habit of outgrowing things in a hurry. Just a few months after being purchased at great expense, their clothes look like they have been shrunk in a washing machine.

Of course, it’s not just clothes. Kids also outgrow bikes, scooters, skateboards and all kinds of other toys and accessories. Because this process happens gradually, we often don’t clear these outdated items out. They pile up in the closet or in piles around the kids’ bedrooms, becoming almost part of the furniture.

Now is the time to root out all of these outgrown items! That bike with stabilizers that your kids wouldn’t touch with a barge pole anymore may be perfect for someone else’s toddler. Brush off the dust, clean up any rust spots and put them on sale.

Unwanted Gifts

It’s great to receive gifts at Christmas, and on birthdays and anniversaries. But we don’t always get what we want. In fact, we often get things we really don’t want. But we keep them, because we don’t want to upset the giver. Next time they pop round, we want to be sure that item is proudly on display.

Every house has boxes of unwanted items that can be sold for cash.

Let’s be blunt – you need to get over that. If you don’t like it, then it shouldn’t be in your home. Get rid of it, preferably by selling it. Life is too short to clutter up your home with things you don’t want and don’t like. So put it on the market and turn the gift into useful cash. The giver would probably be happy to realize that you were getting at least some real use out of their gift.

Gift Cards

It’s a similar story with gift cards. Well-intentioned friends and family lumber you with gift cards for stores you wouldn’t be seen dead in. Instead of just hoarding them until they expire, sell them for maybe half their face value. Someone gets a bargain, and you get cash you can spend in shops you actually like.

Exercise Equipment You Never Use

Go on, admit it. It was New Year and you had promised yourself that you would get in shape. So when that amazing new exercise device was advertised in an infomercial, you forked out the cash. And when it arrived, you used it with great enthusiasm every day for a whole week.

Then you lost interest. And now it is sitting somewhere in your house, neglected like yesterday’s newspaper, taking up space and serving no useful function whatsoever. But you have kept it because ‘one day’ you are going to start using it again.

Take it from me – you won’t use that exercise machine again. Ever.

So get rid of it. Sell it to someone else who can get a whole week’s of use out of it, before it starts gathering dust in their house.

Coins and Stamps

If you have some old foreign coins, banknotes or stamps lying around the house, you might just be sitting on a gold mine. When I was a kid, my uncle who was serving in the merchant navy sent me a ‘tin can mail’ letter from the island of Niuafo'ou near Tonga. I kept it for years in a bottom drawer, taking it from house in different stages of my life.

One day, I met a friend of a friend who was a stamp collector, and I asked him if we has interested in my tin can mail letter. Was he ever! To cut a long story short, he bought my forgotten letter – plus all the relevant stamps and cachets – for a sum of money that astonished me. I was delighted, but so was he! A great deal for both of us.

So check to see what you have. Maybe you, too, have a ‘tin can mail’ goldmine hidden somewhere around your home.

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Kitchen Equipment You Never Use

As with exercise machines, it’s all too easy to find yourself collecting kitchen accessories you don’t really need. You have great intentions of creating all kinds of exotic meals and snacks, but the machines just end up stuffed on the top shelf in your kitchen – out of sight and out of mind.

Instead of waiting for that wonderful day when you finally get around to making these exotic culinary delights, clear out the space and turn these unused accessories into cash.

Books, Music and Games

The world is changing, and we don’t need to keep huge physical collections of books, music and games anymore. Once you have read a book, you are probably never going to read it again. And as for music and movies, physical media such as DVDs and CDs are old news now. Thanks to Amazon’s Kindle, Netflix, Spotify and many other such services, we can free up all that storage space for better uses.

Turn junk into cash and get space back, too.

Yet there are still some people who love to do things the old-fashioned way, and would love to collect your old CDs, books and movies. So take the cash and liberate your home from boxes of forgotten entertainment media.


Let’s be honest, it’s true that ladies buy far too many clothes. It’s so easy to end up with a closet full of items that cost a fortune, but haven’t been worn for ages. If we are going to be even more honest, the truth is that we are never going to fit into those jeans again, so it doesn’t matter how good they looked a few years back.

Clear them out. You may be surprised at how much you can get for clothes on eBay, especially if they have been rarely worn.

Old Technology

We all love our gadgets, but technology changes at a rapid pace. That phone that was super-cool three years ago now seems like ancient history. The same goes for computers, games machines and all other kinds of technology.

Yet there will be people who want to buy these ‘classic’ items. For example, did you know that the first item ever sold on eBay was a broken laser pointer? It was purchased by a man who collected broken laser pointers!

So technology that seems like something from the steam age to you may be very valuable to someone else. You may discover that eBay really is your friend here – and a great way to make serious money.

The Contents of Your Garage

Are you unable to park your car in your garage because of all the junk in there? Is your attic full of skiing equipment that hasn’t been used for a decade or more? Is your basement stuffed with odd-smelling bottles from your experiment with home wine making?

If so, it’s time for a clear out. If you haven’t used an item in the last 12 months, then you don’t need it. Get it out, clean it up and sell it.

Be Ruthless…and Get Richer

Don’t be a hoarder. It may be hard to let go of items with memories attached to them, but try to live in the present not the past. Take a few photos, store them in Dropbox, then then turn the junk into cash.

Once you have been through this process with all the items listed above, your life will be in better shape all round. Your home will suddenly seem much more roomy, and a whole lot less cluttered. And most important of all, you will have a fistful of cash in your hand.

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