10 Women Who Are Truly Kicking Butt with their Blogs (You Can, Too)

11 months ago

Do you need some inspiration to kick start your blogging career? Then check out these amazing ladies who are kicking butt and making great money with their blogs.

Can You Make Money Like This?

Blogging can be tough. In the early stages, especially, you have to put a lot of work in without getting much financial reward. People will tell you that you have to blog for months – maybe even years – before you start to see a decent financial return. Sometimes you may wonder if it is all worth it, and whether you will ever make good money from your blog.

Don’t despair. There are many bloggers who have been down this path before and turned their blogs into huge successes. In this post, we are going to look at ten amazing ladies who took an ordinary blog and turned it into a money-making machine. None of them have any special background or qualifications to help them.

They are all just regular ladies – mostly moms – who figured out how to turn a part-time blogging project into a full-time business. I have selected these ladies because they all publish blog income reports, blog traffic reports or have talked about their income, so we can measure their progress.

Read their stories and be inspired to emulate their success…


Michelle started MakingSenseofCents.com as a platform for talking about her drive to clear the tens of thousands of dollars in debts she had accumulated from student loans, etc.

Soon the blog itself became the means for clearing those debts, and now it has become a real-money making venture.

This blog is now clearing well over $100,000 a month in revenues, nearly all of which is profit. It looks like Michelle is likely to take home somewhere above a million dollars a year from now on. Great going!

Abby started her blog as a side venture, not really knowing what she planned to do with it. In fact, that is why she chose a generic name that allowed the blog to go in any direction.

But she soon found her feet and figured out how to make money online. Now she and her husband run the blog as a full-time business and make tens of thousands of dollars a month.

Melyssa’s blog evolved from another online project that took on a life on its own. She decided to re-brand the project under her own name, and that has proved to be a good decision.

Now she helps people discover how to build their own online businesses, and makes upwards of $50,000 a month herself along the way.

Rosemarie is a wife, mother and budget guru who gives great advice on getting your finances under control.

But as well as being good at budgeting, she is successful at generating income from her blog, too. That’s a great way to balance your budget – add an extra $20,000 or so a month to your income!

Renae Christine was deep in debt and at a loss to know what to do when she finally figured out how to make serious money online.

In fact, she launched an online product and was able to clear over $200,000 in sales from a single webinar. To find out how she did it, watch her story here and see how she literally cried with happiness…amazing!

Like many single moms, Alexa started her blog as a way to make money from home whilst taking care of her kids. Her blog has progressed month by month, and now she is making over $6,000 a month.

That’s enough to mean she can pay the bills without any worries, and never has to think about getting a regular job and putting the kids into child care.

How would you like to make $100,000 a year blogging? Or even a million dollars a year? These amazing women are doing that in their stride. And you can make money online, too. If you are interested in starting a blog and running your own work-at-home business, this article shows you what is possible when you run your own home-based business. The sky is the limit, as you will see when you read this.



Jessica started her food blog in 2012 with the help of her husband Jason. Although this is still a part-time project for her, it has gone to generate what is a full-time income for most people.

Jessica is a certified culinary scientist who loves to make simple family-friendly recipes, whilst sharing her knowledge of food science.

Jason helps out with photography and website management, while their baby son is being trained for a future position as official food taster.


Ruth started her blog not as a business venture, but rather as a way to help her with her personal life.

Her spending habits had got out of control, and that was causing some domestic strife. Ruth decided blogging would be a way to hold herself accountable. She discovered that writing about living well on a tight budget was a very helpful process.

As the blog grew in popularity, the income grew rapidly, too. With revenues doubling every year, it wasn’t long before Ruth broke through the million-dollar income barrier.

Now she is able to employ a whole team of people to run her business. Her husband is able to be a stay-at-home Dad to their two daughters, and life is looking pretty good.

Caroline started her blog as a way of cataloging and organizing her own recipes, but the blog has grown tremendously since then.

Now the blog makes thousands of dollars a month, and she is able to concentrate on running it full time. So we can expect to see page views and revenues increasing significantly in the months ahead.

Kristin is another blogger who is rocking thanks to traffic from Pinterest. In fact, she has become such an expert that she has launched her own Pinterest traffic course. In a little over a year, she has built the blog to the stage where it is making around $10,000 a month, and the numbers are likely to get bigger and bigger in the future.

10 Lady Bloggers That Totally Rock

These are just a few of the amazing women who are getting fantastic result with their blogs. Of course, there are many more who are doing just as well – or even better – but who do not publish their results.

So if you have been wondering whether you can really make money blogging, the answer is in – yes, you definitely can! A couple of months from now, you could be making a thousand dollars a month. Six months from now you may have hit ten thousand a month. And a year from now…who knows!

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