For me, blogging has opened up a whole new world of opportunity, and changed my life in more ways than I thought possible. I love helping people to achieve freedom in the same way.

A Total Game Changer

Hi there! I am so glad you found my blog, and thanks for taking a moment to find out more about me…I am so glad to have you here. (If you are looking for information on our privacy policy, click here.)

My name is Mandy, and I live in the Mid-West with my wonderful husband Rob and our children. I am a full-time blogger, and I love every minute of my life. Thanks to blogging, I have discovered a whole new world of freedom in many different ways:

  • FINANCIAL FREEDOM: We have cleared our debts and no longer have to worry about paying the bills...that is such a wonderful feeling!
  • LOCATION FREEDOM: Because I can work from anywhere, we have been able to take the kids on some amazing extended vacations, from Austria to Australia
  • PERSONAL FREEDOM: I am free to work when I want, take time off when I want, and live life the way I choose...it's fantastic!

The Bad, Old Days

Just a few years ago, I was stuck in a corporate job that I hated, and struggling to be a good wife and Mom in my spare time. Let’s be honest…life was tough. There never seemed to be quite enough money to cover all the outgoings, and I loathed being away from my young children so much.

I spent hours every day commuting, and got home to piles of unwashed laundry, hungry kids and a long list of chores that needed doing. By the time my husband and I got to bed, we were far too tired to thinking of anything except sleep. We were basically sleep-walking through what should have been the best years of our lives.

Then I discovered Mom blogging…

A Whole New Life

It was reading some of the amazing success stories from other Mom bloggers that inspired me to try blogging. But although I was inspired to give it a go, I wasn’t expecting too much. After all, I had no idea how to start a blog, how to write content, or how to make money blogging.

Progress was slow at first. I made lots of mistakes, and did things the hard way. But after a while, it all started falling into place. I remember when I got my first payment for a blog ad…a whopping $50.00…woohoo! It wasn’t much, but it proved the concept. I took my whole family out and we blew the money on a slap up meal in McDonalds, lol!

After that, things started to snowball. More and more people visited blog, my social following grew, and within a few months I quit my job to blog full time. Now I make great money from our spare bedroom, and I work the hours I want. I am always available to take care of my kids, spend time with my husband, and enjoy all the good things about family life. Now I make money in niches that range from parenting tips to long-term investing...such a fascinating range of topics!

Come and Join Us!

I know that there are millions of Moms like me who want to work, but want to do it on their own terms. We want to be able to work from home, choose our hours, and doing something interesting and rewarding. And of course, we want to get well paid for doing it. Blogging offers you all of that and more.

Just think. Make the decision to start blogging now, and before long you will be able to forget about all the problems of your ‘old life.’ No more worrying about:

  • Being stuck in a job you hate
  • Overdue bills and late payments
  • Spending too little time with your children
  • Struggling to make ends meet
  • Missing out on key events in your kid's lives
  • Working too hard, taking home too little

I am so glad that those days are behind me...I don't miss the struggle for a moment. I am truly in my new life as a blogger, and especially love the fact that I can put my family first. We are closer now than ever before, and every day we are creating fresh memories that will last us the rest of our lives. 

You will be able to live life on your terms, and make the most of every day. You will be blessed with a wonderful new way to live life that offers you the chance to:

  • Start a business that is a joy to run
  • Make great money doing something rewarding and fun
  • Spend much more time at home with your family
  • Clear your debts and get your finances under control
  • Work flexible hours...as little as four hours a week!
  • Create a business asset that will grow in value year by year

I started Mom.Money especially to help Moms like you turn their dreams into reality. Come on in and join us – the water’s lovely and you will have a lot of fun!

Yours most sincerely


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