How To Cash in on the Amazing Affiliate Marketing Profit Bonanza

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There are many different ways to make money from blogging, but affiliate marketing is one of the easiest and also one of the most effective. Just by adding some simple links to your website, you can set yourself on the road to a great income. What could be better!

Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers 101

Some people blog for fun, some people blog for profit. Many people manage to do both at the same time, which is even better. But if you plan to make some money from your blog, you naturally need a way to monetize it.

After all, getting a blog going and building traffic to it is hard work. You deserve a reward for all your hard work. And one way to turn your blog page views into dollars is to use affiliate marketing. There are many people who make a full-time living from their blog using affiliate marketing. There are even quite a few who make more than a million dollars a year, just from this one simple strategy.

If you have a blog that is getting traffic, then affiliate marketing is one of the simplest ways to make decent money. It is usually much more profitable than running ads from ad networks (such as Google AdSense), and it’s a whole lot easier than creating, selling and supporting your own products.

So what’s it all about? Let’s take a look.

A Commission-Based Sales System

Making money as an affiliate is similar to running a business as a broker or agent. If you go to an insurance broker because you need car insurance, the broker will recommend the best insurance company for you to go with. If you go ahead and do the deal, the broker gets paid a commission from the sale as compensation for getting the deal done. You get cheap car insurance, the insurance company gets a new customer, and the broker gets to make a decent living – everyone is happy!

Affiliate marketing is much the same. If you had a personal finance blog, you might write some articles about how to get the best deal in car insurance. You could then make money from these blog posts by signing up with the affiliate program of one of the big insurance companies. They would give you a special tracking link to use in your articles.

If one of your readers clicks on that link and goes on to make a purchase, you will get paid a commission by the insurance company. In fact, you may well get paid if they simply fill in an enquiry form. This lead is valuable to the insurance company, so you might get paid $12 for each form completed. If you have a decent amount of traffic, this money starts to stack up, and you can easily make thousands of dollars a month.

Methods of Compensation

As we have just seen, there are multiple ways you can be compensated for sending traffic to the company operating the affiliate program. The most common ones are:

#1: Pay Per Click

This format is less common in affiliate marketing, but is used in some markets such as finance. Here you get paid for every person who clicks on the affiliate link, regardless of whether they take any further action.

However, don’t be tempted to think you can scam the system by clicking on your own links all day. Companies are very wise to this strategy, and will detect it very quickly – and ban your account very soon afterwards.

#2: Pay Per Submit

With pay per submit, the visitor has to supply an email address to be contacted at. This is one step up from pay per click, helping to reduce the problem of click fraud. It is popular with certain kinds of offers, but typically avoided by the big players in the affiliate world.

#3: Pay Per Lead

With pay-per-lead affiliate programs, the visitor has to complete a form. So for car insurance queries, the visitor may need to fill out name and address, make of car, etc. You only get paid when the form is completed properly and submitted. The longer the form, and the more information completed by the visitor, the more you are likely to get paid.

This kind of program is popular in the finance industry, and also with many health and beauty products. Payment per lead varies from a few dollars up to a hundred bucks or more.

#4: Pay Per Sale

The most common type of affiliate system is a pay-per-sale program. In this case, you don’t get paid anything until the visitor actually makes a purchase. Then you get a percentage of the sales revenue.

The percentage paid varies considerably. Amazon, for example, typically only pays about 5% commissions through their associates (affiliate) program. However, they make up for the small percentage by being extremely good at selling products, so you can end up making very good money.

There are also many products – especially digital products – that pay very high percentages, often as much as 75%. This is possible because vendors have no real cost of sale to cover with digital products, so they can afford to be generous in order to attract affiliates.

Affiliate Networks

So how do you get started as an affiliate? There are two main ways to do this. You can sign up with a company that manages its own affiliate program directly, such as Amazon. Then your relationship is directly with the retailer.

Most companies, however, use an affiliate network to run their affiliate programs. There are a great number of these, but some of the most popular traditional networks are:

  • ClickBank 
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    CJ Affiliate
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    JV Zoo
  • LinkShare 
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To get started, you visit the affiliate network’s website, and apply to join as an affiliate. Once your application is approved, you can then apply to join the affiliate programs of the various merchants listed on the site. Sometimes your application will be approved automatically, but sometimes it will be reviewed my staff from the merchant company to make sure you are a good fit. For example, a company selling bibles is unlikely to approve an application from a porn blog.

Once you are approved, you can get your links and add them to your website. You can promote several different merchants within the same network. All your commission payments will be rolled together and sent to you on a regular basis – usually monthly, fortnightly or weekly. JVZoo is the exception here because it allows instant affiliate payouts – as soon as you make a sale, you get the money!

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CPA Networks

There is also a whole other category of affiliate networks known as the CPA networks. The CPA stands for Cost-Per-Action. The distinction here is that these networks don’t usually offer commission-on-sale or pay-per-click models. They focus only on pay-per-lead models. That is, affiliates get paid when the visitor fills in some kind of form, or makes a trial purchase.

These can be very profitable for affiliates, because you get paid well when visitors take a simple action. For example, you might get paid $40 every time a customer signs up for a free trial offer, paying only a few bucks in shipping. This model works because the merchants know the lifetime value of a typical customer, so they can pay a high number up front.

How Much Can You Make

There is no ceiling to earnings with this model. There are tens of thousands of people who make a full-time living doing this, and there are also many super-affiliates who make millions of dollars a year.

How Do You Get Started?

You can start by going to an affiliate network such as ClickBank and signing up for free. Check their marketplace for programs you like, and add your tracking links to your blog posts where appropriate. It really is as simple as that.

However, if you are serious about making money as an affiliate, then you need to get some proper training. Good coaching can mean the difference between making a few hundred dollars a month and making tens of thousands of dollars of month. Which would you prefer?

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