Blogging Millionaires: Ordinary People Who Make Extraordinary Incomes

11 months ago

Blogging is not just a way of making a little extra cash. For some serious bloggers, it is the ticket to a million-dollar a year income. Check these amazing stories and see how these regular guys and gals have managed to turn blogging into an extraordinary career path that makes them well over a million dollars a year, every year.

Bloggers with Million-Dollar Incomes

How would you like to make a million dollars plus every year? Better still, how would you like to make that much money doing something you love? Sounds like a dream lifestyle, right? But for these amazing bloggers, it’s a reality.

And these guys are regular folks. They weren’t born with a silver spoon in their mouths, and they didn’t inherit a vast business empire (Donald Trump, I’m looking at you…). They weren’t marketing experts when they started, nor did they have the benefit of lots of money to invest.

They all built their blogs the hard way – by creating quality content and promoting it through hard work and commitment. Success didn’t happen overnight for any of them. But after several years of putting in the effort, they now have hugely successful business empires that are set to bankroll their future for decades to come.

Let’s meet them, and find out how they did it…

For Pat Flynn, what seemed like a disaster actually turned out be a huge opportunity. One door closed behind him, but another door opened up instead.

In 2008, Pat found that he had lost his job. That's bad news for anyone, but it's worse when you have dependents. With a young family to support, he needed to find another income stream fast.

That’s what got him interested in online marketing. He started a website as an experiment, and he was delighted when it started making money. This led him along the path to creating, where he shows other people how to succeed through blogging.

Check out his income reports over time, and you will see that his income has been steadily growing, year by year. Now that he has his own products to sell, the business is growing faster than ever. Proud to be the ‘crash test dummy of Internet marketing,’ Pat says he makes mistakes so that his followers don’t have to.

With his revenues getting close to $200,000 some months, Pat is well on his way to creating a massive online empire.

Michelle Schroeder:

When Michelle started her blog, she was loaded down with over $32,000 in student debt. She hoped the blog would make a little money to ease her financial situation, but she never dreamed it would turn into a money-making machine.

Her blog now clocks up around 400,000 page views every month, and makes money from a variety of sources.

She makes good money from advertising and affiliate programs, but she has now added her own products into the mix.

As a result, her monthly income has risen sharply, and looks set to rocket into the stratosphere.

Gosh, fascinating insights into these big earners! But what I found really inspiring is that we can do this, too. You don't need much money to start a blog. You just need a few bucks for web hosting and you are on your way. I loved reading about how these men and women have build fantastic home-based businesses, making money online and killing it with blogging. You will be inspired!


Former soldier John Lee Dumas was trapped in the corporate world after leaving the army. He tried various jobs, but hated being trapped in the rat race. Then he hit on the idea of a daily podcast that interviewed the most interesting people in business today – the ‘Entrepreneurs on Fire.’

Although lots of people were doing podcasts, nobody was doing a daily podcast that provide a regular stream of content for commuters driving to work.

The podcast and its associated blog took off and became hugely successful. Big sponsorship deals allowed John to increase his income from month to month. Then he created his own membership sites, and income accelerated even faster.

Now is a highly successful platform. In some months, revenue reaches into several hundred thousand dollars. With John aggressively working on growing the business, we can expect the numbers to keep getting bigger.

Jon Morrow is ordinary in that he started his blog with no special advantages. However, he has overcome substantial physical challenges to achieve his success. So let’s redefine him as extraordinary in that sense.

For Jon, just living a day-to-day life is a struggle that takes more willpower and effort than most people could muster. To take on a business career as well is truly amazing. ​Jon has achieved truly wonderful things in his difficult circumstances.

His blog is extraordinary, too. Built primarily through his expertise in guest posting, it now generates over $100,000 a month in income most months, going as high as $170,000 plus in the best months. Jon has a reputation as an expert in his field, and his courses have helped many other bloggers achieve substantial incomes, too.

This is a great example of a highly-profitable blog that was bootstrapped to success. Jon had nothing going for him except for his ability to write great content. He leveraged that ability, and turned it into a means of facilitating not only great blog content, but also great marketing (guest posting) and products to sell (training courses).


Melyssa is a smart marketer who knows how to make money online. She is an expert in topics such as email marketing, conversion marketing and in using tactics such as urgency and scarcity to get results.

In just a couple of years, she was able to transition from being a struggling English teacher scratching a living in Japan, to a highly successful blogger with a fast-growing empire. ​

The result is a fast-growing business empire, with income that is now hitting as high as $173,000 in a single month.

You don’t have to be a math professor to see how this puts her on track for a million dollar a year income.

Yet Melyssa is just getting started – it will be fascinating to see how this business is doing a year or two down the track.

Now it’s Your Turn

I am highlighting these particular million-dollar-a-year bloggers because they openly discuss their monthly income online. But of course, there are many more bloggers who are making serious millions and keeping quiet about it.

Most important of all, though, remember that these are ordinary people who have turned blogging into an extraordinary business. They have demonstrated that you can make big bucks online, even if you are starting from scratch with no money, no experience and no blogging skills.

So there are no excuses. You can make a million dollars a year blogging. So don’t cry into your beer – go out and make your fortune instead.

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