Escape the Rat Race and Start a Better Life (This for Real!)

11 months ago

Stuck in the old nine to five routine? The good news is that you don’t have to be. You can escape from the rat race and start a better life. We are fortunate to live in an age where we have choices that people have never enjoyed before. You can ditch your rotten job and do something amazing and worthwhile instead…you just need to start.

Don’t Try This…

When I was a student, I once took a summer job working with a government department. The money seemed pretty good by student standards, and on my first day, I was looking forward to my new adventure in the real world of work.

Boy, that feeling didn’t last long. By the end of the first day, I was bored out of my mind. I was working in the Pensions department, updating the records of former employers who had recently died. Nobody was allowed to speak, except during breaks, and all the records were in dusty paper files stored in a dark and dingy warehouse.

Every minute in that place felt like an hour. Every day felt like a month, and a month felt like a lifetime. In the three months I was there, all my energy was sapped. As soon as I walked in the door in the morning, I felt myself seeking into despondency. Even in the evenings at home, I was gloomy about the prospect of going back to that awful place the next day. In fact, my job was exactly like this:

Three months was about as long as I could stand. I was glad to quit the job in September and go back to college. Yet most of the people I was working with had been there for their entire career. They had spent 30 to 40 years, slaving away in the dingy hellhole, watching their lives tick away, second by endless second.

The one thing that job taught me is that I didn’t want to waste my life like that. I didn’t want to reach retirement age and look back at a whole career of mindless boredom and petty bureaucracy.

Fortunately, I was able to escape that nightmare. When I was in my late twenties, I decided it was time to stop being an employee. I quit the job I had at the time, and went freelance. When the Internet brought location freedom a few years later, I moved with my family to Australia and started an awesome life by the beach.

Create the Life of Your Dreams

Back in those dull days in the Pensions department, the Internet didn’t exist. Taking a job as a downtrodden employee was pretty much the only choice I had. If there had been a way to make great money working from home and having fun at the same time, I would have grabbed it with both hands.

Today, that opportunity does exist. You don’t have to work the nine to five grind. You don’t have to settle for a miserly paycheck. And you don’t have to watch your life disappear down the drain, miserable second by miserable second.

Thanks to the Internet, you create an independent income that gives you the freedom to live your life any way you like. You can live where you want, take time off whenever you want, and specialize in whatever you want. It really is a great time to escape the rat race and do something better.

No More Job for Life

Those old colleagues of my in the Pensions department may have led very dull lives, but at least they had a valid reason for that choice. In those days, you really could have a job for life. Most of those guys had joined the department straight from school at the age of 16, and would stay there until they retired at age 65. Then they could look forward to a retirement that was comfortably funded by the pension scheme they had spent so many years administering.

But the days of the job for life and gold watch are over. Job security is a thing of the past, and companies routinely lay employees off. So security and the hope of retirement income are no longer good reasons for sticking with a job you hate.

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Decide What You Want from Life

Life is way too short. That’s an uncomfortable fact that we are all stuck with. Years turn into decades, and before you know it, you are part of the older generation. When you look back at your life in later years, what do you want to see?

Do you want to see a person who played it safe, and stuck with a dull, low-paid job in the hope of finding some kind of security? Or do you want to see someone who took advantage of all the opportunities the 20th century offers? Someone who built a worthwhile career, and lived life on their own terms?

You need to think hard about this, because the time to change is now. You can’t afford to keep postponing the decision. If you do, the months of delay will turn into years, and the years will turn into decades. And then all of a sudden, it will be too late – you will have missed your chance.

Be an Amazing Person

What’s great about living in the 21st century is that we have the opportunity to create the lifestyle of our dreams. You don’t need to win the lottery, or rob a bank. With just a few dollars, you can start a blog today and create a million-dollar a year income. That’s no exaggeration. Many ordinary people like you have done exactly that. Just check out our blogger income reports to see the proof for yourself.

We live in amazing world, where you can build a business around your passion, and enjoy a career that makes every day worthwhile. You have a chance to be an amazing person with an amazing career doing freelance work-from-home jobs online and have an amazing life…be sure to make the most of it!

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