Get Paid to Draw Simple Pictures and Diagrams

11 months ago

If you have some basic drawing skills, then you can make some extra cash every week just by creating easy pictures and posting them on websites. This article explains how to do it.

Turn Drawing Skills into Cash

Did you know you can get paid to draw simple pictures? If you have simple drawing skills, then you may have an asset that you can turn into additional cash every week. Most people don’t realize this, but there are certain markets where drawings are very much in demand, and where the demand often exceeds the supply. If you can fulfil that demand, then you are in a great position to make money.

Getting Paid to Draw

Surprisingly enough, the secret to getting paid to draw actually lies in photography sites. That sounds weird, I know – but that is exactly why most people miss it. Let me explain…

You are probably familiar with stock photo sites. These allow people like bloggers to purchase photos that they can legally use on their websites. For example, I have a subscription to, which I use to source nearly all the images on this blog. It costs me $89 a month, but it means I can download 10 images a day, every day, and use them legally on the blog. There are many other stock photo sites, including the big names such as Shutterstock and iStock.

However, the names of many of these sites is a little misleading, because they are usually not just about photos. They sell images of all kinds – including an awful lot of drawings. These vary from simple illustrations and cartoons, to caricatures and detailed blueprint-style work.

The Market for Drawings

Here’s the interesting thing. All of these sites have lots of photos, because this is what they are best known for. Lots of photographers upload images to sites like these, so there is always plenty of choice for buyers who want photos. But there are also lots of people looking for something a little different. They may specifically want a drawing of some kind to illustrate an article or blog post, or they may just be fed up with the usual boring stock photos. If you can show them an interesting illustration or diagram, they may well jump to buy it.

How to Get Started Selling Drawings

So one great way to get paid to draw is to sign up with some of the many stock images websites. They all allow you to sign up for free as a contributor, and upload images that are then sold on the website. You get a percentage of every sale made, with the exact percentage varying from website to website, and also according to the type of sale made.

Don’t expect to get rich by just uploading a few images, though. The amount you will receive for each sale will be quite small. But if you are able to get a large library of your work accepted, then you may start to pick up more and more regular sales. The small amounts add up over time to a substantial amount of money. And if you keep uploading more and more images, then your earnings will continue to grow.

I love the idea of getting paid to draw! I didn't know there are so many companies looking for people to help with drawings and illustrations. There are lots of opportunities here to build a home-based business, and to make money working online for companies and individuals around the world. If you need some extra cash, this is a great side hustle that can bring in some extra cash.


The Need for Quality

To make a success of this business, you need to focus on both quality and quantity. This is a serious business, and only good-quality work will make the grade. The better your images are, the more likely they are to sell.

As far as your drawings are concerned, they don’t need to be complex necessarily, but they need to be interesting and suited to a particular audience. Rather than just submitting a random range of drawings, create drawings that you think would sell well on these stock image sites. Try a range of styles and see what sells. Once you have found a niche that works, scale up by creating more images for that market.

Remember that each image submitted will be reviewed before acceptance. One of the things reviewers are looking for is quality. So it is better to photograph your drawings using a good-quality camera that creates great images. Taking photos with your iPhone is less likely to cut it.

You also need to aim for quantity, so that all those small per-sale payments start adding up to a decent amount of money every month. Ideally, you should aim to upload at least 50 images a month to build up a decent portfolio.

Initially, you might find it hard to get accepted by the major stock image sites like Shutterstock, but don’t let that put you off. Try submitting to some of the many smaller sites. They are more likely to be open to new contributors, and can be a useful source of income. Also, remember that there is nothing stopping you from contributing the same images to multiple stock image sites, helping you to increase your total sales.

Other Ways to Sell Your Drawings

Of course, this stock image method is just one way to make money from your drawing skills. You can also sign up with freelance sites like Freelancer or Upwork and pick up drawing work there. If you are good at a particular type of drawing, such as cartoons or caricatures, then you can do very well selling your skills on

How Much Can You Make?

For most people, selling drawings will be a side hustle rather than a way to make a full-time income. However, if you take this seriously as a business, then it is certainly possible to make perhaps $1000 a week.

To make the maximum amount of money, you need to be good at marketing as well as drawing. If you can combine these two skills, then you are well on your way to creating a very useful stream of additional income – and doing something you love at the same time.

Get Paid to Draw Tricks

As with every profession, the more training you have, the more likely you are to succeed. Whenever I get into a new market, I also invest in learning from those who have been down that path before me. That way, I am able to avoid making mistakes, and I can fast track my progress to bigger profits.

So take the time to do your research. Spend some time searching Google and YouTube for ideas. Then you will soon be on the way to a new and profitable drawing career.

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