Get Paid Thousands of Dollars a Month for Talking at Home

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Yes, you can get paid for sitting at home, talking into a microphone. All you have to do is read a script in your natural voice…anyone can do this!

Use Your Natural Voice to Make Big Money

How would you like to make $20,000 for one minute’s work? Admittedly it’s unusual, but it is certainly possible when you get into the voiceover artist business. Once voice actor recently picked up exactly that amount for the use of a 60-second commercial recorded for a major brand.

In case you think that’s a fluke, check out this article from Money Magazine. It shows that working as a voiceover artist is the second highest paying home-based job, with people doing this work typically making $72.00 an hour. Only patent lawyers earn more, and that’s only with extensive experience and qualifications. But working as a voiceover artist is something that anyone can do from anywhere…no experience of qualifications required.

Seventy-two bucks an hour, working from home. Do I have your attention now?

A Lucrative Home-Based Business

We are all familiar with TV and radio commercials, and I guess we all understand that professional actors provide the voice over for the soundtrack. But in recent years, the market for voiceover work has exploded, all thanks to the Internet.

Now there are literally thousands of companies who are making videos, recording podcasts and creating multimedia presentations. Nearly all of these have a voice track…and somebody has to record the voice.

That’s where you come in. If you have a voice that sounds appealing – or simply has the qualities that a particular company needs - then you can do very well indeed. You can be the person who records the voiceover, and gets paid very well to do it.

Can You Really Do This from Home?

Even a just a few years ago, most of this kind of work was done in professional studios. This was partially because setting up a professional-level studio was expensive, and partially because there was no easy way to send recordings from person to person.

All of that has changed now. The Internet has made it easy to send high-quality .mp3 or .wav files to clients, wherever they are located in the world. The cost of recording equipment has dropped dramatically. Now you can get started in this business with just a microphone costing less than $100, and a quiet space in your home. It really never has been easier or more practical to get into this business.

How Much Can You Make?

As we have already seen, this is a business that can pay very well. Rates are negotiable, but with an average of $72 an hour being paid, it is clear that there is a great opportunity to make money. It is certainly feasible to regularly get paid over $1000 for a days’ work, with possible back-end payments for additional usage of the recording.

Once you have some experience in this business, you may find you start getting offers to do higher paying work – such as TV and radio commercials, or movie trailer voiceovers. That’s when you have the opportunity to get into the really big bucks. If you can get an agreement for residual payments every time your work is used, you can easily end up getting paid tens of thousands of dollars for work done in one recording session.

I love talking, so this is perfect for me! My Mom always told me that I had too much to say, but now I have found a way of turning that talent into cash! I found this a fascinating read because it shows how things have changed. Nowadays, you really can make good money from home with your voice, and it costs very little to get started. Check this out to see how you can make thousands of dollars just for talking in your natural voice.


Who is This Work Suitable For?

Almost anyone can make a success of this business. Whatever age, gender and racial background you may have, you can be sure there are clients who need your kind of voice. What’s more, companies are always looking for new, fresh voices, too. So there is always an opportunity to break into the business and make good money.

How Do I Find Work?

There are many places online offering work for voiceover artists. There are specialist voiceover websites like and You can also get jobs on general freelance sites such as and To get started, all you need is a demo of your voice, so that potential clients know exactly what they are going to get.

You may want to offer lower rates initially, in order to give you a better chance of winning jobs against established competitors. But once you have a few jobs under your belt, you can start raising your prices, and really start to pull in the big bucks.

A Typical Day

While no two people work the same way, you might expect your day to go something like this. Get up and have breakfast, take your kids to school if necessary and do any morning chores. Then slip into your home office with a mug of coffee, and check email for new projects.

If you have new projects to work on, read through the scripts and check the brief from the client. Then when you are ready, set up your microphone to record onto your computer, or into a digital voice recorder. Then after checking that there is no ambient noise, record your script. You may have to do this several times to get it right, but that’s fine – just take as much time as you need.

When you are happy with the recording, send it off to the client for review. If the client needs anything changed, you can make new recordings as necessary. When the client is happy, you will be paid – typically by PayPal.

If you start work at 9.00am, you can probably finish your days’ work before lunch, yet still earn several hundred dollars. In the afternoon, you can deal with any client revisions required, or take the afternoon off to do whatever you like. Maybe go shopping at the mall and spend some of your profits! After all, why not. It’s your money…you earned it!

Increasing Your Income

One way to increase your income is to get professional coaching. There are experienced voiceover artists out there who are happy to help you, passing along their experience and knowledge. However, this can be an expensive option. Another option is to pick up voiceover artist advice from online coaching sites such as VO Genesis. This is a much cheaper option that gives you better value for money.

What To Do Next

I would definitely check out this website, as it gives you a lot of great advice on how to make a high income in this business. Start today, and you could be earning big bucks just a short time from now.

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