How to Make Money Playing Games on Your Mobile Phone

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If you enjoy spending time using your cellphone, whether to play games or use other apps, then you could make good money by helping out the vendors in the world’s biggest app marketplaces.

Get Paid to Use Your Phone

Wow! The whole world has gone cellphone crazy. Take a walk through any city centre in the world today, and what you will see is countless people staring into their phones, tapping away at the tiny screens – all of them lost in another world. From catching Pokémon to checking on their friends in Facebook, the entire population of the planet seems to be addicted to mobile phone technology.

And for you, that’s a good thing – because it means opportunity. Yep, there is a real opportunity for you to take advantage of this amazing change in the way we live lives, making some decent coin from the immense and growing apps market.

A Market of Mind-Boggling Size

The growth of the cellphone app market has been nothing less than astonishing. Every year, some 300 billion apps are downloaded. Not million…but BILLION. That’s an amazing number, and it explains why this market will be worth over a hundred billion of dollars per year.

You only need a very tiny, tiny slice of a hundred billion dollar market to be doing very well for yourself indeed. And that is what makes this opportunity so exciting. Imagine if you were one of the people benefiting from the stratospheric growth of Pokémon GO…you would be pocketing some very pretty profits, right?

How to Get Your Share

It would be great to own an app that gets purchased millions of times, and make a fortune that way. This is certainly possible, but it’s risky. You have to come up with a great idea, get it developed, figure out to market it…and then hope it sells. If you get it right, you become rich. But if you get it wrong, you could end up broke.

Don’t worry though, there is another option. There is a way you can make money from apps without taking any risk whatsoever. You let the app development company take all the risks, and bring the product to market. Then all you have to do is ride their coattails and pick up a share of the profits. You can make good money from even an average game or app doing this. If you find yourself riding a winner, then the money can be very good indeed.

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Get Paid to Review Apps

The process could hardly be simpler, really. What we are talking about is getting paid to write reviews of new apps launched into the marketplace. You simply download games you think might be fun or interesting, and give them a thorough test. Try them out and see if you find them interesting and enjoyable.

Once you have tested the app out, all you need to do is write a review. This gets posted in the apps markets, and starts working for you. Over time, these reviews start working for you, and you start picking up payments. The more apps you review, the more money you can make.

Easy, right?

How it Works

So what’s the secret behind all this? How can you possibly get paid for doing something as simple as playing a game on your phone? It’s seems crazy, I know, but there is some simple logic behind it.

The simple fact of the matter is that app developers need reviews – and lots of them. Think about how you choose apps yourself. Let’s say you decided you wanted a new music app for your phone. What would you do? You would go to the app store and check out the options. But the problem you would have is choosing. You may find that there are dozens of apps that might suit your needs, and in each case the developer will claim that this is exactly the right app for you.

There is only one way to sort through all these options, and that is to check out the reviews. You look to see which apps have the most stars, then you read through some of the comments that were left. This gives you an idea of which app is the best in its category, and that will be the app that you go for.

In other words, the apps with the most reviews, the best comments and the most stars are destined to become the top sellers. But those with no reviews are condemned to sink into obscurity. Because of this, app developers are desperate to get people like you to review their apps.

Make Money Reviewing Apps

You might still be wondering how you can get paid to review games and other apps. There are several ways to do this, but the simplest is to sign up with This site exists especially to help ordinary people like you get paid to review apps.

Sign up today, and you will see that there are hundreds of apps that need reviews, and you can make money off every single one of them. The process is explained clearly, and you could be on your way to a good income right away.

So if you enjoy using your mobile phone, why not turn that time into profit? Just sign up with and start making money today.

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