Seven Stupid Ways Clutter Keeps You Poor – and What You Can Do About It

You don’t have to be super-efficient and organized to lead a good life, but surrounding yourself with clutter can actually keep you trapped in poverty…here’s why…

Are You a Junk Junkie?

A few years’ back, I went to view a potential new home with my husband. The realtor had warned us that the home was ‘a bit messy,’ but that turned out to be the understatement of the century. The widow who had lived alone in the house for decades was a hoarder. She quite simply never threw anything away, just in case it came in handy some day in the future.

The house was so packed, we could hardly move. In fact, one room was so full of junk that all we could do was peer round the door and survey the piles of furniture inside. Other rooms had so much clutter, it was hard to find a place to sit down. We passed on the house – we were too worried about what was hidden underneath all the junk.

That was a particularly bad case, but many of us live in homes that are over-cluttered to some degree, and it is not doing us any good at all.

The Problem with Clutter

We live in a world where are encouraged to consume more and more products. As a result, our homes often end up being filled with all kinds of clutter that we have collected on our journey through life. Some people are organized enough to only keep the stuff they really need, but many of us descend all too easily into a world full of clutter, junk and messiness.

We all know that living amongst clutter is not good for us, but we probably haven’t thought much about all the ways it is bad for us. So here are seven stupid ways clutter costs us money, week in, week out.

The Root of Inefficiency

If your life is disorganized, then it’s hard to stay organized – that’s pretty obvious, right? How many hours have you spent rummaging around trying to find your car keys or your cellphone? How many times have you been late for an appointment because it took you ages to find the pair of shoes you wanted, or your debit card?

Sometimes you can get away with close calls with that, but all of that inefficiency catches up with you in the end. Maybe you will miss out on a fantastic job because you were late for an interview. Maybe you will end up in an expensive fender-bender incident because you were trying to put your make up on while you were driving, so that you could make up time.

A cluttered life is an inefficient life, and that can be an expensive one.

Lost and Never Found

Worse still, what about all those items that go missing, and never show up again? You know for sure that your phone is around the house somewhere, but who the heck knows where? After turning the house upside down several times, you finally give up and go and buy a new one. That’s hundreds of bucks down the drain, just because you are drowning in junk. Is it worth it?

Wasting Valuable Time

How many hours do you spend every month looking for lost items, or moving clutter from one place to another so that you can get through your day? All that time could be better spent doing something much more profitable. Even if you spent that time just flipping burgers at Ronald’s place, you would make some useful extra cash.

More Junk Equals Less Cash

Let’s be honest. There is a heck of a lot of junk amongst that clutter that you no longer need. Your exercise bike serves no useful purpose, except as a handy place to hang some laundry. The appliances that make it hard to open your kitchen drawers haven’t been used for years…and probably never will be.

So get rid of them. Turn all this clutter into cash by selling things off on eBay or Amazon. Hold a garage sale and get rid of all the rest. You will be surprised at how much cash you can make doing this – and how much more spacious your home will look when the clutter has gone.

Heck, you might even find a few coins down the back of that old sofa bed, and maybe a few ten-dollar bills in the pocket of those jeans you can’t fit into anymore.

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A Waste of Space

All that clutter is taking up valuable space in your home. Do you have a spare room that is just used for storage? If you could clear out everything that is in there, you would have an empty room that you can rent out.

Alternatively, with all the clutter gone from your home, you may realize you don’t need such a big house. You can downsize to somewhere smaller and save yourself a packet on those monthly mortgage payments.

A Career Killer

Living a lifestyle that is based around accumulating clutter can also affect your career. If you surround yourself with clutter at home, you will probably do the same thing at work.

If you want to get that promotion, then having a workspace that looks like a junk yard is not doing yourself any favors. But if you look organized and efficient, that is going to reflect well on you and help your career.

Expensive Hidden Dangers

Sadly, clutter can also be dangerous, too. For one thing, those piles of items lying all around the house can be a fire hazard. You could end up losing your home in a fire, which at best would be expensive. At worst…well, let’s not think about it.

There are also health hazards lurking in those messy piles, too. If the remains of last week’s pizza is buried beneath a pile of dirty laundry, all kinds of organisms will make their home their and dine out on your leftovers. That could lead to the spread of all kinds of illnesses and diseases. We all know that medicines are expensive, and the last thing you want is to end up with a big hospital bill.

Don’t Be a Hoarder

All of these problems can be eliminated by de-cluttering your home. I have a simple rule. If I haven’t used an item in the last twelve months, then I obviously don’t need it – and out it goes. No exceptions.

Get rid of all those old videos, DVDs, books and other old-fashioned entertainment technology. Nowadays, you can get all the entertainment you need from digital streaming sites, etc. The same thing goes for all those items you are holding onto because of their sentimental value. Just take a few photos of them and store them in Dropbox or Google Drive. Then get rid of them. I bet you will never miss them.

Start a Happier Chapter in Your Life

I bet that if you get rid of all of the unwanted clutter in your life, you will feel happier and more energized. And you will you financially better off, too. That’s a double whammy…so start clearing out your home today.

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